1. The pretentious use of "the" preceding "Ohio State."

2. Ohio State has a losing bowl record.

3. Reggie Germany somehow maintained his academic eligibility at Ohio State with a 0.0 GPA.

4. Placing stickers of pot plants on their helmets, in some scheme designed to reduce the importance of team achievements.

5. Woody Hayes is idolized by Buckeye fans, instead of shunned due to his violent nature which consists not only of hitting Clemson players, but assaults in other incidents.

6. Art Schlichter's career as a compulsive gamber and criminal began and was nurtured at Ohio State.

7. Sammy Maldonado was a fine student and citizen in high school, and then became a problem child and poor student at Ohio State. He resurrected his education, career and life, transferring to Maryland.

8. Maurice Clarett developed from a decent high school student and football player into a criminal at Ohio State.

9. Jim Tressel is responsible for the Maldonado and Clarett situations, as well as Marco Cooper, Troy Smith and other Buckeyes receiving payments, yet Buckeye fans continue to apologize and ignore this behavior, even pretending that he runs a clean program.

10. John Cooper is not reviled by Buckeye fans for his pathetic graduation rates, or any of the scummier elements of the Buckeye program, but for one thing: 2-10-1.

11. Ohio State has had four major infractions with the NCAA. And they're damn lucky they didn't have any with Clarett and other players receiving payments.

12. Ohio State continually changes their jerseys. You may have noticed that this website has the same colors as their jerseys: red and black. There is no gray on their jerseys. I guess they don't have a tradition worth upholding.

13. Ohio State's "greatest" tradition is the "Dotting of the I." Forgive me for not being impressed by the talent required for some tuba player to bow. This is particularly embarrassing, since the script Ohio was invented by the Michigan Marching Band in 1932.

14. This loser:

15. Ohio State is named after a tree, the buckeye. Consider almost every other nickname - it is something to be feared, not something to be urinated on. Contrary to what some idiotic Buckeye fans will claim, the buckeye nut is not poisonous.

16. John Cooper's decision to run up the score on Penn State in 2000, which led to Adam Taliaferro becoming paralyzed. Had Cooper eschewed the meaningless score at the end of a 38-6 game, the Buckeyes would have certainly run the ball instead of pass with less than two minutes remaining. Rather than take a knee AFTER Taliaferro was paralyzed, Cooper decided to score a touchdown. In a shameful display lacking any perspective whatsoever, Cooper grinned when Ohio State scored. Buckeye fans applauded this decision for the most part.

17. In another classless display, Ohio State players ripped down the Michigan "Go Blue" banner before the Michigan / Ohio State game in 1973. Perhaps Ohio State can be proud in its role as the muse to thug programs like Miami stomping on opponents' logos at midfield.

18. Maurice Clarett is not hated for his wrongdoings at Ohio State, but for the fact that he exposed Ohio State as a dirty program.

19. Robert Reynolds, whose violent choking of Jim Sorgi was overlooked at Ohio State, has continued the Buckeye tradition of thuggery by getting domestic abuse charges.

20. Ohio State's stadium is named after the footwear of a horse. Since Ohio Stadium has the ends of the horseshoe pointing down, it has to be considered bad luck.

21. Not only are Ohio State's graduation rates poor, but the difference in graduation rates between black and white student athletes raises questions. The 4 class average graduation rates as of 1999-2000 for white football players was 71%, but a mere 30% for Ohio State's black football players. This is pathetic and shameful.

22. Ohio State claims its band is "The Best Damn Band in the Land." For some reaons, Buckeyes believe that repeating lies makes it true.

23. The Dead Schembechlers, an Ohio punk band that dresses up like the violent Woody Hayes, showed a lack of integrity by changing their name to the Bastard Sons of Woody. And before anyone says this was done to respect the passing of Schembechler, note that Woody Hayes is dead too.

24. Ohio State is overrated in pre-season polls, according to this.

25. Ohio State loves to claim many more national championships than they deserve:
a.) In 2002, Ohio State's claim to a national championship depends on a questionable interference penalty required to beat Miami,
b.) In 1968, Ohio State was not the only undefeated team. An undefeated Penn State, featuring Hall of Famers Franco Harris and Jack Ham, has as much a claim as Ohio State does.
c.) In 1961, Ohio State for some reason thinks their team with a tie is better than undefeated Alabama. Alabama was the AP's choice.
d.) In 1957, one-loss Ohio State for some reason thinks their team is better than undefeated Auburn, the AP's selection.
e.) In 1954, Ohio State was not the only undefeated team. UCLA was also undefeated, and is as deserving as Ohio State was.
f.) In 1944, Ohio State was undefeated, but so was Army. Army was loaded during WWII, and also won the AP poll. Army outscored their opponents 504-35, including beating 8-2 Notre Dame 59-0. Ohio State struggled to beat 8-2 Michigan 18-14.
g.) In 1942, one-loss Ohio State lost to Wisconsin, who also had one loss. Georgia was another one-loss team that has as legitimate a claim to the national championship as Ohio State does.
Ohio State repeating incessantly that they have 7 national championships does not make it true. Repeating a lie does not change it to truth.